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Feb 5, 2014
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Has anyone found their Google business listing pictures look good on desktops and tablets, but are cut off in mobile? I've followed the Google guidelines of having pictures between 256x256 and 1024x1024 in size, but I'm still having issues.

For example, while searching on a smartphone for a very specific service in a local town, there is only 1 business that pops up locally. At the bottom - right underneath the Call, Directions, Website icons - there is a little gray down arrow below the listing. When I click it, one of my clients has a picture showing in mobile with the top of her head cut off, but that same picture looks great when searching on a desktop or tablet.

Has anyone else experienced this issue and resolved it? I don't want to sacrifice great pictures on desktop and tablets just for mobile so I called Google support and asked this question. He responded that, "Desktop and tablets pictures probably won't look good on a phone" but he said he would do some research and see if he could email me with picture dimensions that would look good on all 3 - desktop, tablet and mobile.

I'll post his response here as soon as I receive it. I certainly would appreciate your input. Thanks so much!

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