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Oct 11, 2018
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Hi all, I'm getting pretty frustrated with the current situation, in regards to Google Support, and I wanted to see if my situation was typical and if anyone has any good strategies to share. I recently got a response to an email I sent Google support in mid-April about edits getting accepted on a client's page -- and I feel like almost 2 months of delay seems like a crazy amount of time for something that should theoretically be done remotely.

I also got no response about merging a duplicate page, which I'd also asked about in the same email. I'm not doing a lot of GmB work right now, but I do have 2-3 other clients in similar situations. I've reached out about merging duplicates, updating edits, moving over reviews, etc. and received no response for weeks now. Are you guys having the same issues? Any tips for workarounds during this time? Do you find that direct messages on Twitter are getting better traction, etc.?

If this is familiar ground and there's a thread covering it somewhere, please feel free to just link it in the replies. Thanks in advance!

Edit: I should clarify that all of my clients are Canada/US-based, despite my location.
Create a separate support ticket for each issue. Edits were taking long to complete and in a mass majority of cases, contacting support wouldn’t do anything. Since you initially asked about an edit issue, that is more than likely what delayed the merge request as the your request went into that queue.
@keyserholiday Good to know! I have created separate tickets for each client, but I'll try to split out the various issues into tickets as well.
If the issues are pending review, don’t bother. If it’s any other issue, go for it. You can also visit the GMB forum and ask for hell there as well.
@WAHamilton I have had luck recently with getting a response within a few days, but tons of times it is a canned answer that is not helpful. I also have found that asking too many questions at once will not get you good results. Support seems to harp on 1 issue so the advice from @keyserholiday of only asking 1 issue at a time is excellent.

Just recently I presented a lot of information to a support rep, and they ignored most of it. I had to reiterate my point back and forth and it took much longer. So Try to tackle the most important thing first, they seem to not be able to pay attention to more than one thing at a time.

Last time I checked the social media support was down, but its been a couple weeks and unsure if they have resumed that service.
Is everyone also experiencing long delays when trying to verify new locations as well

Two new clients are still pending since the end of May as no postcard where received( postcard was the only option give it was new building in the middle east

Any insight would be greatly appreciated
I would resend it if it's been that long.
Thanks for the advice @JoyHawkins

I will resend it this afternoon as it been over 4 weeks now with no postcard and no follow up email from google

Just worried I will be sent back to square one if I resend the postcards

As far as anyone on here knows is the social support still down? which started on June 29th
Yep, it's still down.
I wish I could be further forward with my 100th post

google support has come back to me ( at least that is a start) saying that the address violate there address guidelines even tho it is in the same formate as the other secondary (restaurant) locations that are already verified in the same building which I also verified previously

I wonder if there is some way I can indicate the Located In Feature/Relation in some way, as the only way the postcard is going to get there is if the main location is included within the address line which is not right , or the fact it is in another building can be indicated in another way
@Chaddow, if you're not getting anywhere with GMB support you can always try the GMB forum. Our turnaround times there are not great currently (about 1-2 weeks) but it's better than nothing :)
Thanks @JoyHawkins

I will persists with google support for now and see where it gets me but might be putting a thread up there shortly

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