Apr 25, 2013
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Hi everyone... I'm relatively new at local SEO. I have a towing client and he has a home-based business.

Once he gets his listing verified by post card how long does it take to be visible in the GMB section by consumers searching here in our town?

Do I have to have citations done for him to be found on GMB?

I also understand that proximity, not links, reviews, citations, etc. is the most important ranking factor so he can pick up business right in his backyard.

Thanks in advance!


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Sep 12, 2012
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Brand new GMB pages take awhile to rank.

It mainly depends on competition.

If you have lots of competition it could be a long time, a year or longer even with an aggressive SEO campaign.

If you have low competition it could be quick.

I would say 6-12 months is reasonable. More than 12 months with high competition or no SEO work being done.

However, there is a general progression for GMB. The page should start showing up period for your main term relatively quickly. Within the month I would hope but maybe two. Should start showing up for ancillary terms between 2-5 months. Again, not ranking well, but just showing up.

Can you give us a website for your client so that we can check it out?
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