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Apr 24, 2019
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How long should I wait to collect/review number of views on a post? Is it based on the first 3 or so that show or in general two week or more?

I see older posts that have higher views than newer ones. Someone new is posting but I don't know when to attribute it to the content being used (I followed a keyword strategy more and the new person in the business isn't as much. But is posting more frequently.) or if just enough time hasn't passed.

Appreciate any advice you may have.

Hi Barb,

Are you tracking this activity in Google Analytics or are you referring to the native insights in the dashboard?
Sorry for the delay! It's when I'm looking at posts themselves. Those numbers. I don't know of way to pull those numbers, the number of views a post got, except by scrolling through. But not sure how long I should give it because I know that the numbers can get larger the longer the post is up.
Hi Barb,

If you haven't already I definitely recommend reading this article by @Claire Carlile

I wouldn't spend too much time with the native google posts data and I would instead focus on Google Analytics and search console data once you start using UTM parameters.
I've been tagging for awhile but generally speaking they don't get clicked much. The homepage does though and I do track that information back to leads and revenue. I was just curious if certain types of post images for this particular client is more active than another.
Thanks for the link!

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