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Nov 18, 2022
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Hi, everyone!

I would like to know if there is any article or statistics recently published where has been measured how many clicks is getting the More Business >> button which gets to Local Finder later.

I can see lots of studies that talk about click trought rate for the local pack top 3 results and so on, but no one shows how many clicks % can get this button.

Hope your replies.

Thank you,


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You mean this button? I think this information would be hard if not impossible to get since it's proprietary to Google. Local Map CTR studies can be done by people who have access to business listings and GSC seeing how many clicks vs impressions they get on their profile or website. No one but Google has that data for the More businesses button (as far as I know).

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SEMrush might have something like that as part of their recent Zero-click study. Or at least they have the capacity to make a similar test.

"More business" clicks would be rolled into the 9% "other google clicks" category, but presumably the vast majority of searches had no local pack, so we can't get any insight from the study as it was released.

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