Sep 27, 2012
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Where do you cut off your knowledge when it comes to consulting with clients? Do you layout all of your bag of tricks or do you withhold information so they don't ever have the upper hand, like a ninja? Or, do you base this on the cost you charge?

I've been trying to shift to a more consulting role then being in the trenches, 100% of the time. I've dealt with clients who are on the lower end of the spectrum budget wise and have slowly been changing this. I have a client who pays a minimal cost but always asks in-depth questions and I'm not sure how much info I should divulge or what to base it on? I've typically provided the info as I'm not physically making the changes but I feel like they are asking a lot. Seeking some advice on how you provide a service based on consulting.


Jan 26, 2016
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I teach my clients everything they need to know to be successful. If it's intellectual knowledge that is not necessarily public knowledge, that stays close to home. I show prospects the results. I show clients how we do it. I think the difference between success and failure most of the time is lack of execution. The knowledge is out there. I can show my clients what needs to be done but he doesn't have our processes in place to do it. What I sell to my clients is the time they save, the results they'll get and their freedom to work on what they do best.
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