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Jun 28, 2012
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Ever have a client upset because they didn't get the results they think they deserve?

Of course you have, we all have!

Every local search client thinks they deserve to be #1 and thinks, if you are "all that" you can achieve it for them... OVERNIGHT!

So setting expectations is critical. But there are other communication issues that can cause client conflicts too.

I just read a great post at the ahrefs blog. It's geared toward SEO, but of course this totally applies to all Local search consultants as well.

Image Credit, ahrefs blog post below.

<a href="">How to Prevent and Solve The Common Customer Conflicts in SEO - Ahrefs Blog</a>

There are many reasons for those conflicts too:

Your clients might feel that you don’t deliver to their expectations... Like in the example above, perhaps they expected to see results sooner. Or they had completely different expectations towards results they are going to get.

Their site might got penalised. Of course they will blame you for that, regardless of the actual reason...

(Click to read more reasons)

But you could be the one to blame as well:

Perhaps you had a wrong attitude from the start. Maybe they are a small fish client and you don’t think of them as seriously as of your bigger clients. And, it shows.

You may have lost their trust. Perhaps you didn’t admit an obvious mistake or tried to hide something else from them but the truth came out.

Or perhaps you’ve broken some promises. After all, it’s so easy to say yes to those tiny requests clients make during sales meetings and then forget about them.

The problem is, clients rarely forget. And the disappointment from not having this delivered may cause irritation and become a basis for conflicts.

Then Pawel goes on to cover:

Preventing Customer Conflicts
Solving a customer crisis
What to do if you can’t come to a solution

One important thing to remember is, it's always much more expensive to acquire and start a new client, then it is to just keep the one you already have.

There is some great food for thought in this post and I think this is a really good topic for this forum.

What do you think?
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