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Jul 26, 2013
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We have a client that has purchased a business from the previous owner. The address and the phone number are the same but the name is different with the new owner.

We tried the telephone verification process to claim it but it went into voicemail each time. All that was left was post card verification but the cards are intercepted at the post office with a change of address put in by the previous owner. We have tried post card verification twice with no success.

Any other recommendations on letting Google know who the correct owner is now?
Sure Barry, just call support they deal with verification issues like this all the time.

Depending who you get they will do something to verify. For instance I've heard of cases where they ask you to put a code on an inner page of the site just as proof you are owner or representative of the business. Or if the email on the account is at the actual business domain, then they'll sometimes do it via email I think.
Thank you for answering so quickly. Everyone is made to think Google does not respond to telephone calls. Let's try it.
Wait, you don't call Google direct. Main Google numbers won't get you to support.
You need to use the automated "call us" option below.

Do you know there is now direct phone support even for dupes and data problems?
Has been for about a year now.

But I announced the verification phone support option way back in Jan 13:
<a href="">NEW! Direct Phone Support for Google+ Local Verification Issues</a>

Just use the call us button on the troubleshooter here during the hours stated:
To add to Linda's comments, support has been very good at helping me with issues in a short amount of time. I had 2 issues today they helped me with and only took about 30 minutes.
Yes, it's incredible to talk to a live person and get help right then and there. Instead of waiting in the troubleshooter support Q for 2 weeks then going back and forth via email to try to explain things.

It's a Godsend I tell ya!!! :)
Thanks Linda. I found the call back number and was in the process of talking with a rep who was friendly and very helpful. Bottom line is that he initiated the verification process and we should be claimed in 24 hours. But it was your response that prompted me to call. Thank you.

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