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Jun 28, 2012
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We've all seen it. The fake spam listings on Google SERPs and Google maps.
It's getting out of control and makes it harder for honest business owners!

Proof positive of how easy Google is to spam, is the listing that treebles a Google Business TC reported to Google awhile back.

The business name was "lol Google u r my" (See screenshot in the post below.)

I think one of the scammers did it for proof he could set up any fake business he wanted to.

The problem is escalating, in part, due to some people that sell courses on how to spam Google by setting up tons of fake listings, even if you don't have a business in that city.

Those training courses have set up a cottage industry of scammers offering services everywhere that say "Guaranteed listing on Google with no post card verification needed and no actual business address." I see these ads on forums all the time.

Nyag just did an expose over at his new home, Whitespark, and reveals how he set up a totally fake business and changed the name to "“Why Oh Why Big G” with no verification needed.

Google Maps: Still Too Easy to Spam

He didn't write the post to teach folks how to spam Google, but to shed light on the problem, in order to hopefully get Google to close some of the loopholes that allow these fake business listings to so easily be created!

At the end he offers Google some great suggestions that would make it much more difficult for fake listings to be set up.

Thanks Nyag!

Google, I hope you are listening!
Wow, that's amazing. It never ceases to astonish me what some people will do.

C'mon attention!
As with just about all forms of manipulation, spam, trickery, etc. in Google, it will eventually come to a screeching hault and the people who have stuck to their tried and true methods for success will prevail. Take a deep breaths as you may be under water for a while but it too will pass.

All of the big shots who bought links paid hefty fines last year. It took a while but the little guys who kept to the grind came out in a good position and weathered the Google storms.

Trying to to stay positive...did it work? Haha
Related - see this post at Mikes:

Google Maps & MapMaker Exploits – Just for the fun of it |

Someone is setting up blatantly fake listings including one making fun of Mike, just to show they can get away with it.

The title on Mikes: " - Not the real one silly. Google is still my @maptivists"

And since they know he works on Seaworld they did one for them too:
"Seaworld Whale and Animal Prison. @maptivists"

See the screenshots over there.

And Google thinks they can allow listings to add a SINGLE word descriptor? Obviously you can add whatever you want to the title.

GUIDELINE CHANGE - City or Keyword in Places Title Allowed Now
Thanks Chad, I guess I didn't know for sure which of the methods he used.
Thanks Chad, I guess I didn't know for sure which of the methods he used.

No I just meant he specifically mentioned in the blog post how he got a call from the Indian call center and after he tricked the guy, the fake listing immediately went live.

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