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Jun 28, 2012
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Here's an eye opening idea for a new service you could perform for your clients.

A review audit that includes sentiment analysis and most importantly, any problems that come up offer suggestions for improving your client's business process, offerings, customer service or whatever, based on the issues your research uncovers.

This AWESOME idea and post is from Miriam Ellis, published over at the Whitespark blog. Since it hit on an end of summer Friday, I'm sure some of you were off playing and missed it, so I wanted to share.

What's really impactful is that Miriam took the time to do this review analysis complete with recommendations for 4 businesses, to show you exactly how it could work.

<a href="">How To Do Review Audits That Turn Clients’ Worst Reviews Into Actionable Solutions</a>

Negative reviews tell a story that can be painful for local business owners to listen to, but by cutting down clients’ workload with summarized lists and specific suggestions, you are giving them the means to write a better future for their businesses. Whether your clients are auto mechanics, dentists or tech companies, negative reviews are a gift, enabling us to hear the disappointment in a customer’s voice and, if the complaint is oft-voiced, to make absolutely specific changes that are pre-guaranteed to solve problems.

The part I quoted was so eloquently written! It's so true that negative feedback is a gift - IF you take the information and use it to better yourself or your company. You can help your clients do just that!

This could actually be a good lead in if you do full blown reputation management services.

Thanks Miriam! I absolutely LOVE this idea!

For more great tips visit our <a href="">Review Forum</a>

What do you think?

Any other ideas related to this?

Is this something you'd consider adding to your services???

If so, would you add it as a value-add, only for those that need it?
OR stand-alone, low cost service to hook businesses into your full service?
OR paid add-on service?

How would you price it???

I'll ask Miriam to stop by and see if she has ideas about those questions.

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