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Jun 28, 2012
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I don't focus on Bing at all, but if I still worked on client sites I would.

Granted Bing does not have as much traditional search marketshare as Google, however when you look at the connections Bing has with Apple/Siri, Facebook and Yelp you just can't ignore it's importance in the local search echo system.

So I wanted to share a good article from Search Engine Watch that has some great tips.

How to Dominate the Entire First Page of Bing - Search Engine Watch

Once you control your brand reputation by dominating the entire first page of Google, what's next?

True online reputation management requires an understanding of a complex ecosystem of sites where users can potentially interact with your brand. This includes search engines, social media platforms, local search platforms (Yelp), and business accreditation sites (think BBB or Bizrate).

Owning the first page of Google is a great first step to a successful reputation management campaign; however, Google isn't the only game in town. Next up, you'll want to monopolize your brand real estate on the entire first page of Bing. Here's how to do it.

I never use Bing so didn't realize how much they are integrating Twitter and Facebook into branded search results. So check out the screenshots and hopefully you'll pick up some new tips as well.

Here's another SEW post from last month in case you missed it:
Is Bing Places for Business Better Than Google+ Local?

What do you think? Learn anything new?
Do you work on Bing optimization for clients?
Sep 18, 2012
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Bing is super for anyone who has clients in the over 60 demographic since many people do not change their search engine settings that come with the computer.
Something to think about if you are targeting that age group.

We do use Bing but since the majority of users tend to target the Google, we spend more time there but Bing is fast moving into integration of many different online platforms into what they serve up in the results.

With so many changes happening online, many of my colleagues in social and other aspects of online work moved over to Bing in protest over some of the changes and terminations in the world of Google.


Jul 31, 2012
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Never heard anyone make that point about Bing user demographic (ie over 60). That seems kind of obvious now. Thanks for pointing it out.
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