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Sep 14, 2018
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Hello everyone,

I'd love to get feedback on how you as the SEO consultant or agency get your clients to consistently get reviews.

My team is strong in getting 1st page organic results, but we often hit a ceiling on Local Pack rankings because clients have a hard time getting reviews.

I know there is software out there that can help, but I've always felt like the software only helps a bit, but at the end of the day the business still needs to commit to getting reviews.

I'm not interested in buying fake reviews, which I know most people here are against as well.

P.S: It's been years since I've come onto the forum. 5 years ago I was here all the time but I got pulled away from Local SEO and recently have been thrust back in!
Hey Jason, welcome back!

I definitely agree with you, the business needs to commit to getting reviews - but that doesn't mean software can't help make it easier. Either way, the system doesn't need to be labor-intensive or expensive. It can be manual and simple but software makes it easier and better handles the data.

GatherUp is among the best IMO.

Show clients the value of reviews (pushing down bad ones, ranking factor, amplifying word of mouth, beating the competition, learning how to better service customers...etc.), teach them how to best use the tool(s), and report on the positive impacts of their efforts.

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