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Aug 26, 2018
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One of my clients has purchased a local business. In the initial agreement my client allowed the old owner to keep GMB listing. But now she wants to purchase the GMB as well.
The listing has about 20 positive reviews and and good position on maps (my client is taking over the location.)
Is it possible to estimate the cost of GMB listing as an asset to offer to the old owner?
I might be wrong about this, but it seems to me that the GMB listing belongs to Google, and it should be transferred to the new owner of the business. It may be part of the value of the "goodwill" of the business, but the goodwill is something that the buyer purchased.

Note that I don't know what Google would say about this.
Hey there,

I'd echo what Tim has said — the GMB really belongs to Google! It seems there's no value in the past owner having the listing anyway, as the point in a GMB listing is to drive foot traffic/leads/conversions and all that good stuff, which they won't benefit from if they don't own the store, too.

I'd suggest you either A) Appeal for ownership, or B) If, as Rich suggests, you're rebranding the store a lot or making significant changes — create a new listing and then suggest an edit marking the old listing as closed.

I suppose your decision will depend in part how well-optimized and well-performing the original GMB listing is.
If the business is not being re-branded then this ought to be something that Google can help with in terms of a listing control issue. However, in the current climate, it's hard to know for certain what might happen, with Google in charge. Or, for that matter, how long it might take for Google to do something.

Like so many other things right now, it may be a case of filing the request for ownership and control over the listing, and then waiting. And waiting. And waiting...

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