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Sep 10, 2020
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Hello guys,

So this is the problem I am facing.

I run a notochord school.

My GBP is in my local marina.

I have cleaned it and it shows on my Google my business profile and maps Profile.

But somehow I have to zoom in quite a lot to see my PIN in Gray.

Whereas my competitor who is just 15 minutes away from me shows with a big red pin that doesn't need zooming to show on Google Maps.

Has anyone got an explanation or a fix for that?

Thanks in advance
Here is the best answer to your question as written by @JoyHawkins
"The place labels shown on Google Maps are determined algorithmically based on a large number of factors”. Google only populates place labels for some businesses because, stylistically, there simply isn’t room for them all. As you zoom in on Google Maps, different labels will start to appear that weren’t there originally."

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