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Sep 10, 2020
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Hello everyone,

I have noticed that as search results get saturated, people tend to be more specific with their search terms.

In the case of restaurants, I for example see pizza, burgers, ice cream, bringing more traffic than before.

There is a new featured snippet in Google Maps I've never seen before.

in menu.jpg

How do I get this?

My menu is up to date either on Google my business and on my website.

I have to say that I have created a pizza category with Margharita, Napolitana, etc...

Should I change the name to Pizza Margharita, pizza Napolitana ? So basically adding pizza to every pizzas.

I will try this and let you know the result but I was wondering if someone has some tips to share on that.

It would make sense that it becomes an increasing ranking Factor and I really want to keep an eye on this.

Thanks in advance.

in menu.jpg

I've done extensive research on those justifications for a blog article and what I can say is that it's most likely pulled from the review section and the dishes you add to the listing. You can also add a menu highlight that appears with a different justification "Menu Highlight". This business has more than 50 mentions of "pizza" in its reviews. The menu in form of images doesn't seem to be of interest to Google when it comes to triggering justifications. Even businesses without a filled menu section got this snippet. Google would also ask you (sometimes, not always) about the experience and what type of meal you had after you leave a review - maybe that plays a role too.
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