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Jul 21, 2014
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I have a company with an existing Google+ page. The company markets across the country. It's not an online company. It's a service business with customers around the country and it does meet with customers face to face although it only has one physical location.

That one physical location obviously markets the services to customers around their geographic location as well.

So it's one company, one physical location, that markets nationally as well as locally.

Is it okay to create a GMB page for this business? If so, I presume it would be okay to display the address and also select a service area since customers are seen in their own businesses as well as at the company's location? And if a service area, I presume I should limit it to just this immediate geographic area and not do anything like listing the entire state or even larger geographic areas.

Yep, it's fine to create a GMB (i.e. Places) page for the company's HQ. The service area can be whatever you'd like. It has zero bearing on rankings, though, so might as well keep it close.

And yes, it's fine to display the address.
Sorry Lloyd, didn't mean to put the fear of GMB in ya! :p

I agree with Phil and you are totally fine on all counts. Not sure what I said that made you worried about this one. But as long as they have a physical location and see customers locally there, they can have a page.

But there is really no point that I can see in setting a service area and it introduces a new wrinkle. Plus they can't really set it up for the whole us or even state and setting it up for 20 mile radius would not be accurate. I would only use service area settings if the company does not see customers at their location.

Well actually, maybe I should ask. What type of business?
Oh, just more careful than before when it comes to Google properties. It's a b2b insurance agency with about 80 percent of the business out of the area.
Thanks Lloyd.

Then I would not set up a service area. Not if they have a commercial office they see clients at.

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