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Mar 15, 2016
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Today's Blog Post:

How to Onboard Clients for Review Management and Marketing


How to Onboard Clients for Review Management and Marketing

Working with a new client on optimizing their review site listings is a lot like cleaning out a messy garage. There’s a bunch of junk mixed in with important misplaced items, and it’s time for spring cleaning.

Incorrect citations and empty review site listings damage your prospect’s online visibility. The larger your client’s business, the more difficult it can be to unravel and uncover all of the business’s mentions, in order to fix them.

In order to fix incongruities and start proactively building your client’s online reputation, an agency needs to have the processes in place to properly onboard their new client, and organize all of their up to date information.
When working with a new client you need:

  • A process for onboarding your client
  • An onboarding questionnaire that asks the right questions.
  • A spreadsheet to track their business information, citations, and review site listings.

Special bonus in this post from a few of our own Local Search Forum Top Contributors. Excellent quotes from Joy Hawkins and James Watt, and a special inside look into onboarding via Justin of BantaMedia!

A few discussion questions:

What are your processes for on-boarding clients?

What one piece of advice would you give to a Local SEO firm or digital marketing agency when working with clients?

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Amazing info Garrett! How long did that post take you to write???

You guys should click through, because there is a ton more valuable info at the blog.

Plus they are giving away "Free Excel and Google Docs Spreadsheet Templates" to use when onboarding new clients that includes a place to record citations and reviews for tracking.

What do you think? Pretty awesome?
Thank you Linda! This was a special post, because it speaks to how great of a community you have built.

It was so easy working with Joy, James, and Justin on this post. Obviously they know their stuff, but to get these types of tips, it's just invaluable info.
I second what Linda said. I know you all have been posting some good stuff on, but I was still surprised when I clicked through and saw what you put together there Garrett, that's an awesome resource.
Thanks James! Our goal is to provide value, but there's no guarantee that the audience will find what we write to be valuable. I'm learning that quotes from the experts and giveaways that make people's lives easier offer increased value to our audience. Thanks again for contributing.

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