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May 17, 2013
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Just started seeing this today. Special thanks to Matt Cheah for being eagle eyed.


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So you get there under gears top right?

VERY good to know. Thanks so much for sharing Dan.

I'm moving this to G+ Local IMPORTANT section. (Only mods can start threads threads there and it's reserved for important updates, etc.) That way it will be easier to find and won't get as buried.

Thanks again!
Thanks Linda! And yes, you access it through the gear in the upper right
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Thanks Dan,

For those that were unaware this was missing feature with the new dash and previously the only way to remove a listing from your dashboard was to get support involved and ask them to remove it. AND we had a report that said there was a problem and Google could not even delete.

Here are related threads:

Deleting Unverified Listings in the new Google+Local / Places Dashboard (Just reported last week)

I just wanted to share a little information that we learned today about the new Google places dashboard. While you can report a problem to delete a live listing, if the listing is unverified it cannot be deleted at this time.

We just spoke with places support and they said that if you have a dupe that's unverified it won't have any negative effect.

Google said that since they have had so many issues with owners calling in about this that they have a team working on it, but can not give a time frame to when this will be complete.

Just got email from Jade regarding the fact that that feature just went live and she posted an update in the New Dashboard post at the Google and your Business Forum.

Update - August 5

Users of the new Places dashboard can now remove listings from their accounts. Please note, you cannot undo removing a listing from your account.

If your business is closing, make sure you first report it as closed using Report a Problem. If you'd also like to remove the business from displaying in your dashboard, first access the dashboard for the business you wish to remove. Select the Gear icon, then select Remove this listing.

Note that Google may continue to show businesses that have been removed from your account on Google Maps, Search, and other Google properties as closed, moved, or open, depending on the information we’ve received about the business.
That was quick! I just spoke with Google support last week and they said they had a team working on it, but had no idea when it would be complete.
This just came in my inbox for my Alert on "Google Places". Thanks for using my alert keyword so I can be in the know. :)

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