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Dec 8, 2014
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I am shopping for a garage door in Google Maps and dismayed by the amount of spam - likely from one company. The signs are:
1) Unlikely business names - e.g. they have a business for every neighbourhood in my city
2) Their websites all end in (e.g. - it is unlikely that there is a garage door company with Carlingwood in their name in my city
3) The addresses are all apartment numbers. In the Carlingwood case, it is the Carlingwood Shopping Centre
4) the phone numbers are odd. While the area code is correct, the exchanges are likely mobile and I am not familiar with them

I swear I am going to help the real companies out there by getting rid of spam!

To whom should I report? I recall that I should create a google doc of all these issues... but to whom to send? :)

Thanks Joy!
Do you have the same spam in your city? No email address on the site, all using google websites... pathetic :)
Yeah, spam is everywhere. I think I probably spend like 25% of my time reporting spam for my clients' competitors.
As an aside, I spoke with a business that is an hour away from me as we are in some online groups together. Turns out her husband previous worked for the company that is creating all this spam. They currently operate out of Toronto and have literally hit every state and are working on every province in Canada! She claimed they left poor reviews of her husband's new company - and sure enough all of those negative reviews came in at the same time; the raters other reviews are "hidden" (how the hell / why would you leave reviews that cannot be seen or they were taken down by Google?) and I am pretty sure I recognize at least one name as having left a positive review for one of the spammy companies.
#sad that they got approved by Google!

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