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Jul 19, 2012
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Wondering how to make your Google posts perform better? In this case study, we wanted to find out what types of posts performed the best and manually analyzed over 1000 posts from a variety of different small businesses. For the full video of this presentation plus several others, check out our videos on demand from LocalU in April. In this study, we looked at both clicks according to Google My Business (GMB), and clicks and conversions inside Google Analytics (by using UTM codes).

Read the full study here.
Oh wow. This study is just great. Very useful.

Didn't know that non-stock photo has such an impact. Always though that since image processing (comparing images) is so resource intensive, Google will just ignore it. This shows otherwise.

Thanks for this insights :)
The title has always been one to bug me as it's only available on the Events type posts. And while our clients believe that getting a blog posted was a huge accomplishment and an event all in itself, it's not exactly an Event :)

I know the old Google Plus had the ability to bold a sentence using asterisks, but that's not possible in GMB Posts. Is there a way to make something look like a title without it being an event? Or should the blog post be an event anyway (even though it's just an informational piece)?
Hello! I had a question about Google posts, recently one of my team members noticed on search, some Google posts are shown before others and not in chronological order. However, when you click into "view all", they are listed in chronological order. I noticed that the ones being shown on search appeared to have a higher level of engagement than some of the others. Do you think that the engagement factor is how Google is choosing to post over chronological order?

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