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May 15, 2016
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In the last month google didn't remove any fake maps me and my clients reported via the complaint form. This is happening in different cities around the US.
Is there any way or any service that can help?
Honestly your best bet is to use the business redressal form or report them as closed / nonexistent. It never hurts to try again in my experience! I’ve found the redressal form to be most effective when you focus on how exactly the listing is violating google guidelines and include as much info as possible related to that. If you’re reporting multiple listings that are part of the same “network” of fake ones, submit them in one form for clarity.
Like Emily is saying, the chances of success are all in how much work you put in to provide proof. My team has about a 90%+ success rate these days. We do offer it as a service.
I've found that recently it's taking closer to 4 weeks for Google to review Redressal forms that you send in so it's possible they haven't looked at it yet.
For those that are frustrated, please watch 3rd hour of The Today Show tomorrow August 23rd. A much-needed nudging for Google is coming.

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