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Jan 30, 2020
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I have a growing agency in need of some help.

I need a local SEO who's current on local SEO. Whether you want to work 5 hours or 40, I have a spot for you if. But I'm NOT flexible on the skillset - I need someone who is...
  • Confident with GBP management
  • Knows your way around BrightLocal rank reports
  • Loves thinking strategically about ranking local businesses
  • Able to understand big data sets and execute a plan off them
  • Works great in a team environment
  • Geeks out about nerdy SEO topics and likes hanging out on the local search forums
  • (100% remote)
You will act as an internal consultant in our growing agency. This is a role that I've primarily handled, but my time is needed elsewhere in the agency.

I need someone who can dive into rank reports, understand the data, and make solid and actionable recommendations for our client-facing team to take back to the client.

You do NOT need to do any client-facing work. So if you love getting on the phone with clients all day, this is probably not the best role for you. But if you love the strategy of ranking and know how to communicate effectively in writing, you'll love this.

I am most concerned about finding the right fit (see above), so I'll take as little as 5 hours a week and as much as 40 for the right person.

Shoot me a DM if you're interested!
Sounds like a great opportunity. Bumping for more visibility.
I'd be interested if you haven't filled this spot yet. I'll try and send you a DM.
Hi, my name is Brian and I am new to the forum but not to SEO. I currently work for an agency but am looking for more part-time work to increase my connections and knowledge. I would love to set up a time to talk. Thanks!

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