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Jul 26, 2012
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I have never been able to get an iBegin listing verified by phone for our Alaskan clients. For mainland clients, the phone verification process of iBegin works just fine. What makes the matter worse is their customer support. Any experiences dealing with iBegin?
iBegin has always worked fine for me - though I can't say I've ever had a client in Alaska.

I take it you've checked iBegin's directory to see whether there are (1) other Alaskan businesses in there and (2) businesses with the same area code as the one for the phone number you're trying to verify with?

Very weird, indeed.
Phil, thanks for chiming in.

Yes, there are businesses listed under all the cities in Alaska but i doubt if any of them are verified. Cities in Alaska (AK) | iBegin

I am curious to know if you ever had an interaction with their customer support! Did your receive a reply?
That's weird. I've ever had any interaction with their support. Probably worth trying that next - I'm stumped!

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