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Sep 5, 2013
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When we build a site, we build it on our domain (deindexed of course) and then transfer over to the new domain once we get the rights.

From time to time a few images get left on our domain. i.e. they don't get reloaded and hosted on the new domain. They remain:

instead of becoming:

Do you think this is bad for SEO?

Wondering if I should be searching these out.
We have experienced the same thing from time to time.

We definitely go back and swap those out and put that into a QC checklist now to catch it.

Not sure if or how much seo damage it can cause, but should be replaced regardless.

If you clean up your hidden server in the future and delete old files, you will break the clients site (the images), which is bad.
I doubt there would be any SEO harm from this.

UNLESS, just because the images are forgotten and accidentally deleted, it causes broken images on the client site. That could cause a quality problem in google's eyes.

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