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Jun 28, 2012
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Google appears not to have settled on anything yet with these new display changes and seems to still be heavily testing different layouts.

2 of our eagle eyed members discovered yet more new display styles.

1st up images in the Local Finder. (After you hit "More Lawyers" - the page with 20 listings.)

IMAGES in the Local Finder


That discovery was made last night by new member Wallery in this post.

The 1st time I tried that query, I could not replicate. But later I got the images and still do for that query.

Here it is, are you seeing images too? lawyers twin cities

Check the link to Wallery's post above. He also shows a screen shot for "assisted living twin cities" but for that one I don't get images yet.


Next up is a slightly different wrinkle on the 3 pack. (I think, waiting for confirmation about where this next screenshot came from.) I know it was done on a tablet but it does not quite match up with a 1st page search result.

7 pack, not 3. And no A, B, C markers, but distance indicators (Tablet)


This example comes from member ingenioussem in this post.

Head over to the see convo there. He thought this was a reverting to the old style packs, but I explained it's different - yet a new type of layout. I've asked for a little clarification about exactly how he got to that page as it does not match up with 1st page SERPs and I think is from somewhere else.

EDIT: Just got clarification. That is 1st page search result. I initially thought it was a 5 pack, but he said it's a 7 pack, they just all did not fit in the screenshot. And he did confirm this is 1st page regular search results. But again it's different than old pack AND says view more on maps instead of taking you to Local Finder.


So again, either heavy testing OR they are just playing with our minds and laughing as we all scratch our heads about all these changes. :p

What do you think? Just testing or new rollouts??
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OOOOPS. So many changes I forgot one! One that's also very interesting.

Head over to <a href="" target="_blank">Wallery's in this post</a>.

Check out his "assisted living" screenshot.


IF there are no reviews, then in the knowledge panel, where the full reviews would be displayed, instead there are organic results showing for that business.

He said his concern with what he's seeing is that those organic results also show some competitor listings.

Thank you. So far it seems like it was a test--but it seems plausible that it could be the next wave. The one scary part was that they listed search results below the reviews. In the cases I looked at, those search results contained competitor sites and directories (that sell leads and referrals). It seems like a lot of work to get all of Google's search results also to point to a client's site. If the client has enough reviews, the search results would be pushed below the fold. I guess we will worry when it becomes a reality! I am enjoying your posts on this forum!

I can't replicate for Assisted Living Twin Cities. Are you seeing images for that query and web results in the knowledge graph for the result he showed?

Thanks again Wallery!

Once again Google is showing us why it is important to be patient. I am curious to see what version they end up settling on as it could reveal a lot about users and what Google wants (or wants us) to give them in near real-time. Thanks for keeping the community updated, everyone.
Linda -

I found that you have to be signed into Google to get the web results. I think it might also have to do with browser - I get the web results signed in in Chrome, but not signed in in Firefox.

Signed in in Chrome, the web results under my client


but the actual organic results


I can't tell what keyword they seem to base those web results off of, because the vertical I am looking at, it doesn't make sense.


I agree with cdawg2610. I am seeing the picture listings (for the list of 20) for "lawyers twin cities" but only get the "Web Results" on the Knowledge panel when signed in using Chrome. I am seeing the picture listings and the same Knowledge panel for both FireFox (signed in) and Chrome (Incognito). I guess it remains to be seen what will come of this.
Thanks you two. I need to remember to cross check everything in Chrome.
All my previous checks were with FF.

I use Chrome in one window but mainly use that one for Gmail and Calendar.

Do all my searching and research in FF, but should have learned by now always need to ck both!
I am not seeing organic results (when there are no reviews) in the knowledge panel - local finder any longer- wondering if anyone else is. I used the same example above for assisted living twin cities. I do see images still however...
Same here Kaycie. Just double checked that search in chrome.

Last time I did it in FF and there were no images. Now there are images for me in chrome but no web results.
I followed "assisted living twin cities" over the weekend and the format of the results changed a couple of times. Using Safari on an iPhone yields the "Web Results" after the photos, map, "what other people search for" panel. Seems like they are trying several different tests for that search term. Note that "assisted living Minneapolis" yields a more standard result (when compared to other cities). The same tests are being run on "lawyers twin cities".
I am not seeing any local results for "lawyers Twin Cities". I checked FF, IE and Chrome.

lawyers twin cities.jpg

I do see the images in the Local Finder if I follow the direct link provided in a previous post.

lawyers twin cities.jpg
Im logged in using Chrome and am seeing a few things.

When searching for "Chicago Auto Insurance", I do not see any pictures showing up. Once you click in the Local Finder, there are still no pictures. If a listing has reviews, the reviews are shown and then Organic listings for the business are shown below the reviews. Here is a screenshot:


If there are no reviews for the business, Organic listings are shown. Here is another screenshot:


It looks like G is trying to provide the Organic results for the business even though, if the business doesnt have great Organic results, its competitors and directories can creep in.

If you Google the business name, the Organic results which appear are what is also appearing in the Local Finder Organic section under the business.


I would be curious if the results you show above mimic a "site:domain" search. If so, A LOT could be learned there. If not possibly even more could be learned.
Interesting, thanks Brian!

In a way this is not too different from the original Local Carousel.

Remember, it would show the carousel, then you had to click to see the business details.
Then it would take you to a page with the local listing info, Knowledge Graph and a page of organic results for that business.

Here it's just trying to stuff all that info into the Knowledge Graph.
Good point mgorbelt. I'll look into it later if I get a chance.

Good point on the Carousel as well Linda. What is the point, from a user perspective, of providing all of this "information" into this Knowledge Graph? It looks confusing, overwhelming and annoying. To me, it doesnt make sense to add Organic listings - especially if they are unrelated to the business, or related to a competitors business - under the Reviews.
In Canada, the organic listings under the KG seems to load the branded SERP of the business name, unless the business name is a generic word. the organic listings are limited to 5.

The Local Finder is definitely the most significant update this time, once a user clicks in the Local Stack, he has no reasons to go back to the organic SERPs, and compared to the previous map navigation, the local finder is quick and easy to navigate.

I actually like it :)

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