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Jun 28, 2012
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Everyone knows how big mobile is in Google's eyes. But let's take a look at stats that show how important mobile is to consumers, what information they really seek on mobile site and what happens if they can't get the information they need.

Hubshout alerted me to a big study they did that's filled with stats that are good for your customers to know. Especially if they're dragging their feet on mobile OR their mobile site does not deliver on the things consumers say they need and expect.


One of the most important stats for business owners to know is that
38% of searchers will leave and look for a competitor
if they are frustrated with your mobile website.

In all my years of doing sales training I've always taught the principle "Find out what your customers want and give it to them!" I also teach the same with Google Local optimization. "Learn what Google likes and give it to her."

Same applies to mobile. When you're in the process of making a website mobile friendly, be sure you understand the information prospects & customers want and not only give it to them but keep it updated.

So I wanted to point out that the study also shares the top 8 things that frustrate users when viewing a website on a mobile device.

Topping the list at 46% is difficulty finding business hours.
So be sure those hours are front and center! I have that frustration all the time on small business sites even on desktop.

Hours are super important folks! You can see hours are growing in importance with Google too, by the way she's showing them more prominently. That's because Google definitely knows what users want, and always tries to give it to them!

So check out the full study and share it with clients that need a little nudge in the right direction, to ensure their site gives customers what they want and need.

<a href="">Mobile or Bust: Businesses Need to Know These Mobile Search Statistics</a>

What was your favorite stat? Find anything surprising?

Do you have any clients you would share something like this with???

About 94% of respondents to our mobile search statistics survey report that they have used their phone to search for a local business; 36.6% do so frequently and 24.2% daily.

That's a point that would be useful to get across to potential clients.
I like how they make a point of the importance of finding what that "other resource" is. Many great points that identify the need for local search optimization. Thanks, Linda!

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