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Aug 13, 2012
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Hey all,

I hope everyone is having a great week! It's been extremely muggy in Minneapolis with a high of 4* yesterday. Therefore, due to the weather, we've been able to spend a lot more time inside with Local :)

A few days ago, Mr. Blumenthal posted about improved messaging on moved businesses within Google Local (I apologize if this was discussed, I couldn't find a thread started yet). Feel free to find his post here: Google Local: Improved Messaging on Moved Businesses Now Showing | Understanding Google Places & Local Search

Our team followed Mike's direction in this post and just wanted to provide our feedback. Yesterday, a colleague of mine, Alex Cordes, had initiated this change. He discovered that within 1 day the change was showing live and updated messaging appearing in the search results. Furthermore (something not discussed in Mike's post), the 'relocated to/from' messaging are actual clickable links to the new/old local listings. Feel free to reference the attached screenshot:


My apologies in advance if this is old news, I hope this information was beneficial.


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Thanks so much Matt!

I posted about it last week too here:
New "Business Moved" Feature for Google+ Local Listings - Page 2

But great to see you did it and see how fast it showed up. Up until your post today, no one had been able to find an example in the wild besides the one I showed in that post which is the one Google shared with us.

AWESOME! Thanks for sharing!
Hey Linda,

My apologies, I could not find that thread! I thought I had seen one started with it, too! Thanks for confirming and as always, thanks for your help - it does not go unappreciated!

Thanks again,
No apologies necessary. It's terrific to see this actually put in action, and I'm amazed that the results are nearly immediate. Very cool. Thanks for sharing!
Yes Matt, Miriam, is right! No apologies needed.

There is so much info here, it's hard to find things and that one was buried in another long related thread. Just wanted to link to it, since there was additional info there.

But don't EVER hesitate! I'd rather have things posted twice than missed and your posts are ALWAYS appreciated!
It now appears the "relocated to" "relocated from" text and link are appearing inside of the listings. Before, and for the listings mentioned by Matt, it was only displaying in the search results

relocated to.jpg
relocated to 1.jpg

relocated to.jpg

relocated to 1.jpg
Sorry about reposting, you're always a couple steps ahead of me.

The example provided my Matt and I were manually done by clicking "Edit Business Details"-->Marking "This place is permanently closed"-->Entering the new address and url to the new office plus page.

No worries Alex, ALWAYS post and don't worry if I've maybe posted it. I'd rather have stuff twice than maybe have you not post at all, assuming I did. In this case it's tricky though because we have a couple different posts about this issue, so I should have merged them to begin with I guess.

But anyway it's all good and having it twice means better chance folks will see it. There is so much info here now, it's easy to miss the important stuff.

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