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Jul 5, 2016
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link to web site: Jesabella - Makeup Artist - Bournemouth - Dorset

Address: 61 Gresham Rd, Bournemouth BH9 1QS

Phone: 07956 296370

Verification date: about 4 weeks ago by postcard

Problem: I am not a web designer but have a little knowledge so I researched some keywords for a makeup artist who shares my house and helped her to build a website to attract local business. Her website is being ranked in the local pack for a few of the keywords but not the main keyword:
"makeup artist bournemouth"

Im wondering if the term "makeup artist" has been overused on the site and therefore attracting punishment by google ?

Jeffin, since you say it's the MAIN keyword you're not ranking for, usually that is because there is more competition for that keyword than the others and your website and business don't measure up to the others just yet.

Getting good rank is not just a matter of sprinkling the keyword on the page a few times. There is much more that goes into the website build itself and much work offsite in what we call citation building. My recommendation is to hire a professional to help. If you want to do it on your own, then Google citation building and start there. That may be enough for you.

If you post your website url, then the group here could comment on whether or not you over optimized. There could also be a problem with your maps listing. But without knowing what site you're referring to, there's not a lot we can offer.

Good luck!
Hi Jeff,

Could you provide a link to her G+ Local page too? I can't find it.

But I found her on Google Maps and Map Maker and see some potential problems.

Could you find answers for the following, then we can help more.

1) What is her official business name. In other words what name is on her bank account and how do people make out the checks? Also if any business license, what name is used.

2) It looks like she works from home but clients don't come to her, she goes to them?
Is that correct?

3) Is there a category for makeup artist in the UK? I see some others that have it but most don't. Some use mobile hairdresser if she also does hair?
Hi and thanks for your reply,

There doesnt appear to be a category for makeup artist in uk so we selected "beauty salon".

She does work from home and some clients come to her home, also she offers a mobile service.

Im not sure what her official business name is, I think it is "jesabella makeup artist" but i will find out for sure tomorrow.

I found the GMB profile:

Jeff, I think what Linda was going for, can people drop in during regular business hours, or is she by appointment only? If she's not okay with new customers randomly appearing at the front door during business hours, then you need to be a service area business. Unless she has a receptionist, she almost certainly needs to have her address hidden.

As far as ranking goes, there's a lot that goes into it. In general, I've seen new businesses take a few months to start getting up to speed, if this is only 4 weeks old I wouldn't expect to see her in the top for main keywords, unless you were in a very low competition area.

The biggest thing that will likely help, is getting her actual site ranking higher. Not only is she not in the 3-pack for "makeup artist bournemouth", her site was all the way down on the 4th page. There's a huge correlation between where your site is in the organic results, and where your business is in the local results. Getting links to your site is kind of a tricky business, there aren't any safe short cuts anymore. You can read this for a list of ideas. Depending on the kinds of clients she does, that could be a good source of links.

Reviews also help too, use this tool to make an easy link for customers to use to leave her a review.

Like I said though, Google is kind of a slow and steady long term build. If you're hoping for big results in the next month or two, you might want to brainstorm up some supplemental ideas.

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