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Feb 1, 2013
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(My first post. Hope this is appropriate)

I posted this question on another forum, and advisory replies centered on the firm's web site structure, number of Google Reviews and Popular Times.

Before I have my client start website revisions and an aggressive Google Reviews campaign, I'd sure appreciate if an expert on this forum would check if you agree with that advice.

Months ago I separately Verified on GMB a single business' two different store locations in different towns 10 miles apart, both with same name but with different city/addresses and different phone numbers. Both stores' GMB listings link to the same home page.

After doing fine for a few months, last week Google Search began giving conflicting and inconsistent Knowledge Panels when searching for the newer store, located in Everett, WA.

In incognito Chrome the two Search terms used below on Dec 6 & 9 are:
1- Sam's Cats & Dogs Everett WASHINGTON
2- Sam's Cats & Dogs Everett WA

Using WASHINGTON in Dec 6 Search term => Correct store shown (Everett, WA)
Using WASHINGTON in Dec 9 Search term=> Wrong store shown (Monroe, WA)

Using WA in Dec 6 Search term => Wrong store shown (Monroe, WA)
Using WA in Dec 9 Search term => Wrong store shown (Monroe, WA)

We will deeply appreciate any advice the best way(s) fix these problems.
Thank you.

washington everett-Dec 6.jpg

WASHINGTON everett Dec 9.jpg

wa everett Dec 6.jpg

WA Everett Dec 9.jpg
Hi Lee welcome to the forum!

I'm assuming the Monroe site is significantly older than the Everett site? Or were the GMB pages both set up at the same time? It seems like Google is placing more trust in the Monroe site, which is why I ask.

A couple of things I noticed about your Everett location webpage that could be changed to increase Google's trust in that site - local markup on the address and using the embedded Google Map from your local listing.

Get the embed code by going to the Maps listing, clicking on Share and then 'Embed Map'. That will provide a Google Maps display that shows reviews as well, directly from your website which is nice.

I'd also look at increasing the citations for your Everett site - most of the ones on the front page for the search term "Sam's Cats & Dogs Everett WASHINGTON" are actually for your Monroe site, so that is not helping increase trust at the moment.

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