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Jul 29, 2015
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Hi Everyone,

Hoping someone can shed some light on this issue for us.

Our client is having an issue where our location is not showing up in the Points of Interest carousel for the city we are located in but is showing up in the carousel for the city it used to be located in. Our listing, The College Football Hall of Fame (!8m2!3d33.7601908!4d-84.395534) was previously located in South Bend, IN and moved to Atlanta in 2014. Unfortunately, when the move happened, there was absolutely ZERO effort to update listings.

Since last year, we have undergone a big effort to clean up the major listings and have been working with the Google team via phone support for months to remove references in the knowledge panel for South Bend, IN. We have made a lot of progress. The KP now says ?museum in atlanta, georgia? and shows up in the local carousel for "museums in atlanta".

However, we are still having a big issue where it is appearing in the Points of Interest carousel when a user searches ?things to do in south bend? and not at all the carousel for ?things to do in atlanta?. We need to show up in the carousel for Atlanta and not in the one for South Bend. We have tried for months to resolve this via Google phone/email and Twitter support to with no luck. We have also sent in tons of feedback from the search results. This has been one of the most frustrating things I've encountered with Google. Just last night I spoke with someone in India on phone support and was hung up on.. :(

Has anyone seen this happen before? Is it an algorithmic issue and will it resolve over time? I know that the Points of Interest Carousel is slightly different from the local carousel, but any insight about it would be appreciated.

tl;dr Points of Interest carousel thinks location is in the previous city. Other local pain points have been addressed already. How do we resolve?
Hi Jon

If I remember correctly you raised this issue in the GMB forum as well a little while ago? I did raise it with the Google CM then and I'm sorry but I haven't chased it up with her since. I'll do that now if this is still causing issue.
Yes, we are still having the issue. I haven't been able to get help via phone support either although I keep trying.

I'd also be curious to hear about what the course of action should be for when this problem happens in case others have the same thing going on. Thanks!
No worries. She's pinged the relevant team again for an update - we'll see how it goes!

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