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Dec 12, 2013
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Hi all,

I'm looking for suggestions here. I have a client that has roughly 16 pages of "main" site content, 36 blog posts, and then about 75 tag/date/author/category pages to support the 36 blog posts. Right now there is a list of about 25-30 archive months in the blogs right sidebar, 12 ish tags, 20 categories and 5 authors.

Should I just eliminate the date archives and tags, just use the categories?
What's the purpose for the change? What's the indication you need to cut those pages down?
Good question Eric,

1. I think UX wise, having 30 month links on the page isn't great.
2. I had recently read a presentation from moz about being more careful with internal linking. I think creating 30 "month" pages just wastes link equity.
Google likes site that are user friendly (they make sense to the end user).
Having a list of month-archives plays no benefit to the user. they don't know what happened in what month, they look for headlines (maybe categories). No one ever goes to a site and thinks," oh, let's see what happened in October 2015 and if there are any interesting articles back then". But if they saw a headline (from October) that said "38 ways to bla bla bla" and they were interested in bla bla bla, that would be a good benefit and click worthy.

If Categories and Tags are used properly, they can be good for a user too. If they are generic and each article hast 3-10 categories that are nothing more than keyword spam, then they are of no use.

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