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Jun 28, 2012
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I was approached by the owner of a large site/forum yesterday to help with some Google indexing issues.

His problem is that he is seeing a lot of SERPs when he searches for his company name that are using the company name or primary company search terms in snippets but the links themselves have nothing to do with his company and redirect either to malware sites or to unrelated one page advertising sites.

They are not isolated to a single geolocation and they do not redirect to the same sites repeatedly.

The owner has been manually going through these search results, reporting them to Google, and once they disappear in the SERPs then requesting to Google to also remove them from their "cache" (not sure what that means TBH). He has made quite a bit of progress in this task in the past month or so, but, needless to say, he is finding the task to be quite tiring and mind-numbing.

Due to the nature of his business (nothing illegal, no X-rated or pornography or anything like that), he is very concerned about privacy and doesn't want to just hire someone from overseas or from Fiverr.

This isn't something I want to do or have the time to do and but I offered to try to find some personal recommendations to assist him.

Is this something anyone here does? or can it be automated in some way? or has anyone here hired someone trustworthy and dependable to do similar tasks?

You can PM me if you prefer.

Could you please link the actual website, so I can take a look?

No. PM me your contact details and I will pass that along.
Will do.
In any case, this sounds like malware issue, he should check his server.
Already done. Not a malware issue. Humans or bots scraping and redirecting his URLs.

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