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Apr 9, 2017
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In most of my wordpress themes, the name of the pages is automatically set as H1 title.

Is it not good if I only add the city name in the H2 titles ?

Or what is really matter is put our main keyword + city in the H1 ?

Thanks you
It really doesn't matter a whole lot. Do what fits, and what's natural for the page. The body content itself will hold more weight. Focus more on the content, the internal linking structure of your website, and conversion elements of the page.
To give a little statistical backing to Eric's answer, two studies from last year both show a pretty diminished correlation between H1/title tag optimization and actual rankings. There's still some people that'll swear that they've still seen good results by keyword optimizing title/h1 tags, but it does seem to matter less than it used to.

For my two cents, conversion matters most. Make the page so it functions for the potential clients reading it, and only add city/keywords if it doesn't hurt the flow of the page. Bounce rate is part of Google's ranking algorithm too after all, no sense 'optimizing' the page if it hurts stick rate or conversion rate, since that can negatively impact your rankings too.

To answer your real question though, what you name your page for organizational purposes might not be what you want your top h1 tag to be. Whenever I'm putting together a new site, I always separate wordpress page naming conventions from the headline just to keep things neat and tidy, without restricting my ability to write the headline that I think will work best.
If you use the wordpress, you can install some SEO plugins which you can customised your title. It makes different between the title for customer and googlebot.

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