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Jul 26, 2012
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I wanted to get some input from those of you who claim an existing Google+ Local (formally Google Places) page.

When you go to claim an existing Google+ Local page, do you do it through Google MAPs, which brings you into Google+ or from Places for Business? Which do you find is the most reliable way of doing it and why?

Hi Susan, def claim in Places for Business.
Follow up question Linda.

When you claim a listing that Google already has through Google Places for Business, is it still up in the air whether you get the new dashboard or not?

What about when you create a listing? Every time I start to create a listing through Google Places for business, it looks like the old Google Places dashboard so I stop before verifying because I think I'm doing it wrong. If I go ahead and verify the new listing, will it magically turn into the new Google Places for Business Dashboard?
Hi Josh,

All new listings should def get new dash. I have not claimed since all these changes started so not sure exactly what it looks like. But if you are seeing old dash then yes I assume after verifying it will flip over.
I'm assuming that once you verify you'll get new dash.

And even if for some reason you got old, that's no reason to delay claiming, because soon everyone will have new dash.
Hey Josh, it's not the listing that determines whether you get the old/new dashboard, but the Google account that you are using to claim it.

When you log in to a Google PfB account and go to add a business, if it shows a map where you can search by name/address, it's the new dashboard and all listings will be created in the new one. If you can only search by phone number, it's the old one, it will be stuck in there until Google lets you go.

So any Google account made since like April or May should have the new dashboard :)

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