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Is it easier to sell online digital services online or in-person?

  • Online - and I work with clients strictly online

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  • Online - but I work with clients both online and in person

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  • In person - but I work with clients strictly in person

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  • In person - but I work with clients both online and in person

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Mar 15, 2016
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Is it Easier to Sell Review Management Online or IRL??

So you want to sell review management, but is it more effective to sell online or in-person? There are strong arguments that can be made on both sides.

Read the entire article here.

I feel like this was an interesting post from Andrew that examines which is more effective for selling online digital marketing services. Since we're an online review management provider, the focus of the post is around selling online review management services, but I'm curious of extending that questions to selling Local Search services.

From your experience, do you a) sell your services online or meet prospects/clients face to face? b) which do you think is easier/more effective?

As Andrew addresses in the post, a lot of this has to do with who you're selling to and your own personal preferences and geography, but I'm curious to hear which tactics work, which works better for you and your agency/consultancy?

Check out the poll above and leave a comment below!


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