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Feb 22, 2021
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I have encountered a company and they are claiming that they can deindex Yelp listing for any business from all the major search engines. They will charge a certain monthly fee for a year and they are guaranteeing their success. Pay only if you see the result. Is such a thing possible? if yes, how? I believe it is scammy and impossible. Thoughts please.
I've never even heard of a service like this so I'm not sure how they would accomplish that. I asked around on Twitter and got this response:

As far as I am aware, this is usually impossible, but I am very interested to learn more about this company and their service.

I know that Yelp won't remove a listing unless it violates their eligibility guidelines. I have seen it happen before with Yext's listing. They had a listing on Yelp and were getting tons of bad reviews, but then the listing got de-indexed on Yelp. I detail the case here: Did You Know That Yelp Will Hide Some Listings? - Whitespark Local Insider

Can you share more details on this company and service?

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