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Nov 7, 2018
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I have a client that was well established with a physical office location. He recently moved his business (Insurance Agency) from a commercial office, to a home office. Being he is now working from a residential address/PO Box, he doesn't qualify as before per my understanding, nor does he qualify as a SAB based on the description "delivers to customers directly but doesn’t serve customers at their business address." as he doesn't have a "business address" How would you suggest I handle this? Leave a sleeping dog lie?
Hi Mike,

Google is totally fine with a residential address for a business address. You would have to update the address to the residential address and then once it's verified you can clear the address so that it's hidden.
They send the postcard to the residential address.
Therein lies the problem. Mail isn't delivered to the residential address. I think that is quite common. What does one do then?
Request the postcard anyway and once it doesn't arrive, after 5 days contact Google business support and they can help you get verified.
I have the exact same question but a slightly different situation.

I've moved far from my previous home (hundreds of miles) but I still do work in the City and rent out my previous home in that city. I am always in the 3-pack results for all related search queries that generate the 3-pack. The tenant is not happy with the junk mail they are getting and the fact his address is listed when he searches on Google for my business name.

(a) To remove the street address do I just delete it in my address location.
(b) Most importantly, will that reduce my chance of appearing in the 3-pack results? If it does, can I just put the address back or will that trigger another postcard mailing?

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