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May 17, 2016
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Is there a way to see "local SERP" traffic in Google Analytics?

Eg. data generated from the Google My Business (GMB) profile on the google SERP page.

I'm aware that I can see some simple reporting in the GMB dashboard, but is there a way I can get this natively integrated into Google Analytics?
If you use utm parameters on your links in your GBP profile you can set them up for tracking in Google Analytics. Here is an article by @JoyHawkins that provides the details on tagging GBP posts. Its the same concept for the main button, menu button and appointment button.

Then you can get some conversion data for those visits coming over from GBP. It is another way to build value in GBP for a business. A business owner likes to see they are getting form fills, purchases, chats or phone calls.

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