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Sep 29, 2015
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We did dome local listing submission manually and then eventually a couple of weeks ago decided to make sure we had everything well covered and synced using Infogroup's "Express Update" service as research indicated right now this is one of the better value services for what you get for the low cost. I can attest that the results were reliable and quick.

I decided to use the free Yext tool (like all these sites have) to see what they were showing for the statys of business in question and interestingly, on the results page it showed "Power Listing" indication for almost all directories. Never have paid to use Yext before. So I try to login to the Yext account with the std user and pw where using for that business and no dice. Do a password reset, and waa laa, I'm gloged into Yext account for account name: "user" followed by about 5 or 6 numbers.

So a week later I try to login to the account. Password not accepted. Resert the d password with the std email and, waa, laa, I'm back into the account but it's a different username and number but I can tell it's the same account.

In the Power Listings section under the "Subscribed Features" column it says Listings sync for every site and on some sites "Review Monitoring".

There is no where in the account for any billing information or history. And I'm 110% sure I've never paid Yext a dime. I thought Yext was a pay service?

There is a notification that I have to complete 10 more steps to complete the account but the Power Listing monitoring appears to be active. I don't see any reference of a trial period active.

What's going on here?
I think Yext is the only one that can answer this Q. Anyone else would likely only be able to offer guesses. I'll ask them for the best support contact or see if they can shed any light.

Thanks for reaching out about this, we're happy to provide some insight. Many times customers will have access to a Yext dashboard through a paid subscription that they have with a partner of the service.

It appears that is what is happening here, your email address is set up to access your particular location & when you reset your password you accessed your user account. Please feel free to reach out to for more detailed assistance or if you have other questions!

Thanks again,

Christian Ward
EVP, Partnerships

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