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Jan 30, 2024
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For security reasons, I recently changed the password, the recovery email, and the recovery phone number of my personal Google account. I changed the recovery email from the G-Suite account associated with my business to a non-Google email address (in case I ever get locked out of Google), and I changed the recovery phone number from the Google Voice number associated with my personal Google account (which would do me no good if I were locked out of that account), to my business phone number (the one listed on my GBP and my website) since it's the only local number I have. Since that time, Google has said that the (correct) password I enter is incorrect every first time I enter it, and when I enter it (correctly once again) the 2nd time, it asks me to verify that it's me logging in by pressing the "it's me" button on the notification it sends to my phone. Curiously, traffic to my business's website has decreased during this time. Maybe it's a coincidence, and certainly doing innocent things like changing the password and recovery info of my personal Google account shouldn't have anything to do with the performance of my business's website. So, my question is: Has anyone ever seen any effect of G-Suite activity on local search ranking?
I would say it's definitely a coincidence. There is a huge algorithm update going on right now so I would suggest checking to see if the dates your traffic dropped line up with that.
With our experience with Google with other things, one part of Google does not really talk to another part of the company. It is like one of those big enterprises.

I would be very surprised if there is a causation here.

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