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Mar 20, 2014
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Hey everyone,

I can remember a few years back this was brought up but I can't seem to track down the original thread to see if there was an update.

I have a mortgage broker client who shares the office with a few other brokers. Her listing shows up in the maps for a couple of search terms but not all. I explained to her that it was because Google only shows one listing per location unless you zoom in and out. I did a test and that is what's happening.

You can see video here where I search, click on more places, zoom out then in and see her listing along with the broker who shares the same address. I just another test and found something interesting. She shows up for "mortgage brokers Brampton" while the other broker doesn't but she doesn't shot up for "mortgage broker Brampton" while the other broker does.

She's obviously annoyed by this so I am reaching out to see if there is a work around. She's willing to hire someone for a consult if need be.
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Video gets jumpy near the end so a bit difficult to understand. Lots of keyword stuffed businesses names in there. I would clean that up to see what difference it makes.
Hi Jordan,

Agree with Yan. That's what I would do first.

It also sounds like she is being impacted by the Possum Filter as you alluded to in your video. The filter changes depending on the search query so that is likely why you are seeing them flip flop depending on the search.

Joy has a workaround for this in her training guide. The training is not free but is the primary sponsor of this forum and helps keep it alive so I'd invite you to check it out :)
Thanks for the responses. I'm going to try and report some of the obvious keyword stuffed business names and see where that goes.

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