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Oct 3, 2012
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For those of you who list clients on Yahoo Local, have you been experiencing problems when trying to send a Pin Postcard or trying to input a Pin number to verify a page?

For some reason the buttons don't seem to be working. I can't send out a postcard (or do any other verification method for that matter) or input any pins. Anyone else experiencing this problem?
I've verified clients listing through small business marketing dashboard and few listing through valid yahoo mail-ID (basic listing), never came across Yahoo pin verification. I'm not aware of pin verification in Yahoo, looking forward to fellow forum members suggestions.
Right, through the marketing dashboard you fill out a basic page for a client and then the last step before it's published is sending out a pin code to verify (much like the other main sites do). Except for the last week the button send a postcard/verification pin hasn't worked and the button to verify hasn't worked either. Very weird.
My mistake, never went for postcard pin verification in Yahoo local, sorry if i've confused you. ESR when i verified yahoo local listing for my client there was three other options to verify the code like via email, phone, sms, along with post card. I always opted for email verification, it was simple and the most convenient.
Yeah, I do that sometimes as well (as long as the client is responsive, since it expires in 48 hours), but the issue is that none of the buttons seem to be working for me. Not sure what the issue is. I had a client try it as well, and the buttons weren't working for them either. At least I know it's not my computer, but that doesn't help the fact that I can't find any other instances of this happening to people...

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