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Jun 28, 2012
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Yahoo just launched Localworks. Looks like they partnered with Yext to offer local listings management.


Introductory price $30 a month. Not sure if there is anything new or different than just going direct with Yext or how the pricing/features compare. No time to really investigate either. Just wanted to share in case anyone that's really familiar with the Yext offering wants to eval and share thoughts.

The story below and a few others mention reputation management and review tracking although I didn't really see that mentioned on the Yahoo features page.

MediaPost Publications Yahoo Launches Lead Gen Biz 06/17/2013

The system checks for errors in profiles like "Website not mentioned," "Does not have Description," or "No Videos." When changes are done, it takes a few days for the information to go live as it goes through a human editorial review to validate the listing quality. The information then gets published to the network.

Reporting provides specific data about reviews. The reputation page shows the number of clicks, time spent with the content, average rating scores on participating publishers and total number of reviews. It also allows marketers to click through to the recent reviews to read them on the original site.

Read more: MediaPost Publications Yahoo Launches Lead Gen Biz 06/17/2013

This announcement makes me wonder if Yahoo has some renewed interest in the local market segment, because I know when Marissa joined them she said local was not a big focus, at least local search was not.

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Anyone know more about this or care to share comparisons or opinions?

Looks like Yahoo's dormancy in the local space may have been leading up to outsourcing it to Yext.

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