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Dec 10, 2014
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Today one of our clients started showing a different business in the knowledge graph when searching their name and I was wondering if anyone knows why it happened and how to fix it.
I found out that, depending on where(location-wise) you search from, it changes the knowledge graph.
This is the search when set in northern Utah

Then this is the result when searching in Southern Utah

Any help on what is going on and how to fix it would be very appreciated!



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I sent this to Google because there isn't a way to even get rid of this listing at the moment using traditional methods. I'll let you know once I hear back from them.
Thank you Joy. Yeah, I tried removing it in some of the traditional ways without success. I appreciate you lending a hand.

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Awesome Dan. That sounds exactly like what is going on with our listing. I will have to call them about it.
@Dan - the weird thing about this one is that the maps result is for that unverified page. Unverified plus pages aren't connected to maps. - is connected to which doesn't make any sense because there is no maps information on that Plus page, no option to leave a review etc.

I left them a review just to see what happens. Check out my reviews page - You'll see the review but when you click it, it goes to the unverified page with no reviews showing or no option to leave a review.

This one is super odd. Can't wait to see what Google says.

The knowledge graph pulls from lots of disconnected Google databases, so it could just simply be the display layer (Maps) is out of sync with what is happening in the data behind the scenes. It sounds like a lot of what I saw, and wouldn't be surprised if the KG component could simply be resolved via MapMaker.
@dlredd - Can you give me more background on what Addiction Recovery Group is and how it's related to Therapia?
From what I know Addiction Recovery group is what Tharapia used to go by, but hasn't gone by that name for years. My only guess is it is a few year old duplicate that somehow got mixed back into the results somehow.

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