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May 19, 2016
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Hi All

Just picked up a client who is an emergency electrician who wants to be more visible in organic results. Hi site is only 6 months old and doesn't have a lot of content on it. I am struggling to come up with content ideas and a link building strategy for this vertical.

Can anyone send some advice please.

Many thanks
Short articles (blog or blog-type posts) on topics like

  • regular maintenance of plumbing systems for homeowners
  • do's and don't for cleaning drains (types of products)
  • do-it-yourself advice for unblocking stopped-up toilets and drains
  • seasonal maintenance and preparing for winter
  • when to call a plumber

In essence, provide free advice for

  • what the homeowner or tenant can do himself
  • what the homeowner or tenant should NOT do
  • when to call a professional and why s/he should call your client

There is a lot of bad or useless advice out there for DIY plumbing (I can tell you from experience that most of it almost seems to be created by plumbers to convince you that your efforts are totally useless and to give up in frustration and call a professional).

GOOD advice on what the homeowner or tenant can and cannot do (or should and should not try) could go a long way toward convincing prospective customers that your client is the person to call when the job is beyond the skillset for an amateur.

If you’re up to it, Youtube videos and a Facebook page with short articles would also be an asset.
Link building and content creation for emergency electrician
With the site being only six months old, you really need to move forward with content creation and link building simoltaniously.

Link Building Strategy: Think local (I know this seems obvious) but don't just link build around content you create down the road but ways to get exposure now...

  • local directories
  • local listing sites
  • community sponsorships
  • local newspaper ads
  • things that really help bring visibility to his brand quickly

Content Creation: Re-read what @djbaxter said. Great points.

Just some thoughts. Hope they help.​
Apart from the all suggested strategy, I'd like to recommend to create a long-form content (guide) as an on-site blog post.

A few things that this long-form content does well.

  • Use of headings.
  • Use of numbered lists and bullet points.
  • Use of images.

Step-by-step guide may reach the top of page one.

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