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Aug 15, 2013
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I discovered my new client uses his G Places listings url (5 locations) as the link in his Adwords campaigns. When I asked him why, his reply, "I don't know why I do that."

However, it made me wonder if there could be an advantage to using a G+ Local or Places url in an Adwords campaign for a service-oriented business? Visitor has all the basic info. they need (i.e. address, phone, map, reviews).

I would definitely link to the main site or a relevant internal page, but since it appears to be working for him... I wonder if I should mess with it?

Hi Dino,

Not sure it hurts anything, but I'm with you and think it's wiser to link to site where you have more control. If Google has a bug and for example his phone is missing, then what? If you are always checking it that's one thing, but we know business owners seldom check their page.
Interesting, Dino. I agree with Linda.

My two cents:

It seems crazy to use a Google+ Local page as the destination URL. Your hands are tied in so many ways: You can't put any sort of opt-in form or other conversion element on it, so you can't track conversions. You can't control the display URL. You can't split-test different pages. Your QS may very well go to seed, because you can't really optimize a Google+ Local page. Perhaps the worst thing is that people just expect to be taken to a website, rather than to a Google property.

My burning question - and no need to answer this, by the way - is: how does your client know that using his Google listing as the destination URL is "working"?
Hey Phil,

I always appreciate your "two cents" and agree with you 100% on all counts.

As for whether it's "working" or not... I think he was content in knowing if he clicked on the link, it went to the Places page he specified ;-)


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