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Aug 12, 2020
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Hi! I am working to claim a Google My Business profile for a client. I claimed it using the login information that they provided us. When I began the claiming process, it brought me to the screen in the attached picture and had me enter business information. Since the knowledge panel had no address or anything else, I added it all in. I noticed that none of the changes I was making from within were being reflected on the knowledge panel, and it was still showing as unclaimed. I tried to reclaim it a few times, but now it looks like I might have just been creating more listings. I noticed 4 listings all for the same business in the one account! I figured it might have been something strange with the login info they gave me because their GMB homepage kept telling me stopped populating the listings, and the only way I knew they had ownership was from the emails they received. So I made new login info and went to reclaim, but started having the same issues! To top it all off, the all of the listings are suspended and unverified. I tried to reach out to Google Support, but they are not responding. How can I make sure that I did not accidentally create multiple listings and can claim the correct one? Thank you!

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Usually, at the end it sends a postcard, did that option never show up for you? I would definitely delete all the duplicates from your dashboard and just work off of one.
Hi Joy! Thank you so so much for the help! The postcard was sent, but the client never received it. Should I completely delete the other listings, or just remove them from the account? And how can I ensure I claimed the correct one? I just worry I made a duplicate, and that the original one will not allow me to claim it.
Remove them from the account. Do you actually see duplicates live on Google Maps or simply in the dashboard? If it's the latter, don't worry about it as long as you delete them from your dashboard as they aren't live anywhere.
Ok perfect. Will the listing still look unclaimed from the knowledge panel until it is verified? How do I know I claimed the correct listing?
This is really hard to troubleshoot without knowing anything about the business but based on what you're describing it sounds like there is only 1 live listing on Google so if that's the case, there is only 1 listing you can claim.
OK thank you so much for your help! I have really appreciated your time!

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