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Jul 7, 2017
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Here is our situation:

Client had a new location open in Brooklyn, NY on December 1. We verified the listing and FULLY optimized it. This client also has another location in Brooklyn, NY about 5 miles away

Neither the client nor myself can get the new listing to appear in Maps or Search unless we are SUPER specific in our search giving the full name and full address. Obviously users are probably not going to do this. So when you search for the client and Brooklyn, NY the only listing that will appear is the older Brooklyn listing

I have tried incognito searches, my phone, & I have used the Bright Local tool and no matter what I do I cant find it. THe only way I can get it to show up on either maps or search is if I am logged into the clients dashboard and viewing it directly through there

We have tried to reach out to Google support (when its available which is basically never) and they keep telling us to optimize. Needless to say the client doesnt want to hear this. We have literally done everything: photos, biz description, Google Q & A with FAQ, amenities. The only thing left is a Google post and/or a review.

Is it simply that the initial Brooklyn listing is trumping the other one simply based on the authority of it all? We are seriously tearing our hair out here.
Yep, this is normal and will likely be this way for months. It takes time for new listings to gain any authority.

One tip I'll give you is to make sure you name them the same. Consistent naming across different locations for the same business helps Google establish that it's the same company.
Thank you Joy! I pretty much thought that would be the answer.
Hey Joy

Another question for you. We noticed the clients page title includes a neighborhood rather than a city in it. So rather than Brooklyn NY where location is, the page title says Williamsburg NY. Williamsburg is a neighborhood. So if someone is searching for their name in Brooklyn----and the GMB listing says Brooklyn but the website page title does NOT---can that hurt them in showing in the map pack?

Again we can ONLY get the listing to show up if we search the entire name & complete address
GMB listings can take anywhere from 6 - 18 months from what I've seen to have Google pull the "reigns" off of them so to speak. Google makes you prove yourself over time and will filter your ranking some. Theoretically you can speed this up with good SEO; listings, reviews, website optimization, backlinks, etc.

So as Joy said, this is completely normal.

You definitely want to optimize the landing page. If your strategy is to rank well in Brooklyn, then optimize for it on the landing page. Title tag would be included in that and also H1. Not sure what you meant by "page title" but if it's either of the two aforementioned, yes, optimize them. It gets more complicated (slightly) if you wan to rank for Williamsburg too. It's all about what your goal is related to keywords.
I would still list Brooklyn vs the neighborhood name but I would also add in the zip code after. Hopefully the 2 locations are in different zip codes.

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