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Mar 18, 2020
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One of our clients has three listings. One of them is outdated. It was up for re-verification but for whatever reason never got done, so when he moved locations, our edit of the address didn't go through, and therefore the old address is showing up in the search results. the other two listings (one of which has the address the listing in question moved to and is supposed to be listed as having) have up to date addresses, are verified, and have good reviews, but this is outranking them with some high keyword phrases. What should our next move be? Should we verify the listing and try to merge it with the listing that matches its address? It has no ratings or reviews and therefore we would delete it, but for some reason it is outranking the other listings we want so we think it would be beneficial to keep it. The question is, what do we do with it?
Hey Nick,

Can you share the details so we can troubleshoot?
Hey Nick,

Can you share the details so we can troubleshoot?
Sure, here are the links to the listings with the correct addresses: (atlantadjjoel - Google Search), (LethalRhythmsDJ - Google Search)
Here is the link to the one that needs reverification (Lethal Rhythms).

The Peachtree location was moved to the Chattahoochee address. Could it be that the Peachtree listing is ranking higher simply because of the keyword stuffing in the other listing titles? If so, would we want to simply change all their names to "Lethal Rhythms" and report the Peachtree listing as a duplicate of the Chattahoochee one?
Hey Nick, thanks for the details and clarification. There are a lot of things here that are likely contributing to the problems. The keyword stuffing is an issue but a bigger issue is likely that the Peachtree address seems to be a UPS store? Also, are you a pure SAB type business? Meaning, do you go to your clients locations to DJ or do you also have a brick and mortar location that customers come to for some reason?
No, we are not a purely SAB type business. There is a brick and mortar location. The Peachtree address being a UPS location raises the question even more so because we are wondering why it is outranking the other listings for certain keywords. It no longer exists at that location.

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