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Aug 13, 2015
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Howdy all, thought I'd come here to ask this. I hope I have placed this in the right sub.

For years my business showed the business information on the right hand side of google search, which was good for obvious reasons, reviews etc. But I changed website design a while back and since then it has disappeared and I have not been able to get it back.
I was hoping someone had some experience with this issue?

Hi Stephen, sorry to hear!

If you search for your biz name + city state does it come up?

Did the page names change or domain or just the design?

Did you by chance also change to https but your GMB still lists the http version of the page?

If you can share your URL it's easier for us to look instead of guessing and we might notice something else that's out of sync.

You can break up your URL if you don't want this page to rank/show up in Google. mydomain . com
Hi Linda,

Thanks for the reply. It does come up when local +modifiers are added plus several others, i.e. melbourne or reviews

We have been https for a few years now, so that or other changes to map listing weren't made.

We did add a bunch of city based pages for different ad campaigns. There is no address attached to them though and I haven't seen this issue before to be honest. But this is the only thing I can think of that MAy be the issue. We are not a new business though.

URL is Hosting, Websites and SEO - Media Fortress

Hey Stephen,

This happened across the board for almost all listings. I think it started around the beginning of this year.

It's nothing to do with your business specifically.
Yep Colan is right, I forgot we discussed that here. If I remember correctly it was mainly marketing/web design sites that got hit. Or at least those are the ones that came here to report it, initially.

But still wanted to double check listing, which I did last night and it's fine as far as I can see.
So ditto, ditto Colan. :)
Hello there,

Did you make any change on the categories of your GMB listing?

This sounds like the thread I started back in December. Many people jumped in to report the same finding: that they have lost their knowledge graph panel for search terms not containing a location modifier.

Finally, we found a solution which worked for many of us, we removed additional categories from the Info tab on the GMB listing.

Knowledge Panel Removed - Possible change in algo?

I hope that helps.
Thanks Nikos.

This maybe related to your comment, which i hadn't seen until just now.

Originally our parent service was "web hosting company" however as we have grown and changed it was no longer our core service. We did change it to internet marketing service with web hosting as and addon.

I also made some homepage edits and while it wasn't instant. It is now back. I only checked because I noticed Google has removed the old WMT in the past few hours and replaced with new search console...which i hate ftr
I believe recently there were some reports on Twitter claiming that knowledge graph panels are now back for local businesses.
So this may have something to do with Google's decision to give back knowledge panels without the need to type in the location.

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